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Wolfram D. Scott
19 October
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Right, I guess things go here.

I often become emotionally attached to things without warning. Television shows, trinkets, people, it doesn't really matter. I have a lot of hobbies, but most of them fall under the "dork" column. If a writer or a producer or a director creates a work that I find enjoyable, I often find myself developing loyalty toward that writer or producer or director. Even in the face of reasons I shouldn't. Robert Salvatore is an example of this.

I have a bunch of aliases all over the internet, largely because my different interests do not often intermingle. As such, it's entirely possible that some people will, in fact, know me under different names.

This journal was originally created as a means to more easily follow amateur (professionally, at least) writers in original- and fan-fiction. I've always enjoyed writing, so it has, perhaps, become a sounding board for my own work. I'll be the first to admit, however, that what I tend to write might not be everyone's earl gray.

I'm uncomfortable around powerfully evangelical anyones, and when people become verbally confrontational, I consider fainting as a defense mechanism.

That said, I tend to get into verbal squabbles and physical confrontations more easily than I would like, even though I have neither the voice for the former nor the build for the latter.

If you like something I write, I'm happy to hear it, although I certainly don't believe in strong-arming comments. If you don't like something I write, I'm similarly happy to hear it, particularly if you offer constructive criticism.

I can't really think of anything else to say, other than thank you for visiting my journal, and I hope you enjoyed your stay.

All the best.